About Me

From the age of fifteen, he gained knowledge of metal work through his father’s limestone workshop. Knowing the material “in the soul” has definitely focused on expressing it through metal, and in twenty years of working in the field, the most impressed is the surface that becomes the primary element of research in its future creation. First solo exhibition of sculptures Sheet metal’s worker son in 2012 – Cinema Valli. Since then he tirelessly works and creates, exhibits in public spaces and urges people to coexist with sculpture. Member of the Croatian Association of Interdisciplinary Artists – HUIU


About my work

Sculpture DANCE  is the result of the process of seeking an apparently impossible balance between two different volumes. The sculpture represents the dance of men and women, the relation of their emotional reactions displayed through the form of hyper-cube and the influence of movement on that particular form. The dynamics of interdependence of volume, space and surface, their simultaneous permeation, unification and separation, make energy-sculpted sculpture. Material: Cor-ten steel.

The sculpture HORSE DRIFT is a presentation of the horsepower of the machine. The craftsmanship, the excellent knowledge of the material and the way of its processing and design, which have its origin in industrial design, and the understanding of the relationship between space and volume initially through architecture and the defined vision are discussed together in this work. Material: Steel.